We provide a superior suite of solutions that any energy retailer can utilise to optimise their operations.

Core is an all-encompassing Customer Information System (CIS) and communication hub for managing customer accounts, billing and payments.  It’s purpose-built for the Australian SaaS environment and compliant in all energy jurisdictions. Core provides detailed customer insights you can use to help grow your business.

As your central contact centre, Core ensures you have easy access to all customer data, enabling you to communicate with your customers and manage any financial regulatory changes and accruals. The platform is built by industry experts and provides detailed insights and reporting, ensuring your staff have timely and accurate information on customer accounts.
The platform includes
  • Billing & Payments
  • Contact Centre correspondence
  • Allocation and accruals
  • Meter data management
  • B2B Integration with AEMO
  • Interactions
Acquire is a specialised Energy Sales Intelligence (ESI) SaaS delivered sales and quoting solution. It provides energy retailers with the ability to generate, deliver and execute simple bundled and unbundled, multiyear special pricing quotes and contracts. Its features include Single & Multisite quoting, AEMO & ASIC market integration and near realtime CIS system integration, which enables accurate customer data transfer and expediting the acquisition process.

It enables Energy retailers to manage and grow their customer base by providing a seamless transition from point-of-sale (POS) to invoicing. You can utilise daily analytics and marketing segments for your marketing activity.

Acquire provides energy retailers an ability to calculate Load Shape Premium and Gross Margin for complex site quotes, helping to maximise their profitability. Acquire analyses customer usage data, validates the product and validates customer data during the sales process to finalising the bill.
Zone is an end-to-end customer portal, enabling your customers to manage their accounts. It provides customers with the ability to self-transact and review informative energy insights, thus reducing cost to serve. Zone helps improve customer experience and minimises reliance on the contact centre for general account management. 

The Zone Customer portal provides your customers with access to near-time billing information. It features an easy-to-use interface. Our customers report a 30% reduction in the volume and impact to their inbound contact points.

Zone can convert any data available within integrated platforms, making it readily available to your customers. The platform is easily configurable and provides detailed insights into Invoice Cost comparison, payment pattern, lost/gained opportunity assessment, energy savings, and positive retailer value added reinforcement.